The Bulletin opens for submissions November 8th and closes December 6th.

ASP is not currently open for unsolicited manuscript submissions.

ASP Bulletin Submissions Poster 

The 4th issue of the ASP Bulletin is forthcoming. The submissions period will open on the 8th of November and close on the 6th of December. Here is everything you need to know about submitting:

The Bulletin accepts work from new and emerging writers as well as established authors. We love to take chances, to be ahead of the curve, and to publish daring pieces. Most of all, we take pride in being the first or second journal to publish an author, to be both the springboard and, we hope, the landing pad.

For the fourth issue of the ASP Bulletin, we do not have a theme and ask for 1 - 3 poems of no greater than 50 lines and/or 1 - 2 prose pieces of no more than 1,500 words (regardless of genre). We accept simultaneous submissions but do not accept works previously published in print or online. Submission to the Bulletin is, of course, totally free. We regret that we cannot pay our contributors at this time.

In your cover letter, please include in the header your name, email, and a short bio. In addition, include the type of submission i.e. poetry, poetry & prose, etc.

On formatting: we ask that you please send all documents as DOCX. If this is not possible for you, you may submit your piece as a .txt

If we published you in the third volume, please wait until the fifth to submit again.

If you would like to see our third volume you can check that out HERE

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